Epidemiology in disasters, emergencies, and outbreak settings


What we provide

Survey design with mobile data collection

With many years expertise and experience in conducting complex surveys in challenging contexts, we will design your survey according to the most rigorous epidemiological methods, prepare and deliver training modules for the survey enumerators, and set up data collection, including the possibility to use mobile data collection to reduce error and time-lag between data collection and analysis.

Establishing monitoring & surveillance systems

Whether you need to set-up basic project monitoring and evaluation or establish a full early-warning alert and response (EWARS) surveillance system, we can help ease the process. We will help you identify the core indicators to track, ensure enumerators are fully trained, data collection systems are in place, and that the data can be explored in real-time and reports generated on command.

Automated data analysis, visualisation & reporting

Using the latest in open-source technologies, we will build and customize an interactive, automated data analysis, visualisation and reporting workflow. Whether it's a one-off survey or a long-term project requiring ongoing monitoring, you will always have access to the latest information - prepared and presented - allowing you to be more reactive and timely in your decision-making.

Training and capacity building

Core to our mission is the belief in the need to build local capacity through workshops and training. We offer courses in basic epidemiology (with a focus on humanitarian public health); outbreak investigation; scientific communication (with a focus on structuring a manuscript in preparation for publication); & reproducible research using open-source tools (R + Shiny + RMarkdown).


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